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ISSN: 0143-991X

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Online from: 1973

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The DLR lightweight robot: design and control concepts for robots in human environments

A. Albu-Schaffer, S. Haddadin, Ch. Ott, A.Stemmer, T. Wimbock and G. Hirzinger

Volume:34, Issue: 5, pp. 376-385

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Methods for haptic feedback in teleoperated robot‐assisted surgery

A.M. Okamura

Volume: 31, Issue: 6, pp. 499-508

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The DLR MIRO: a versatile lightweight robot for surgical applications

U. Hagn, M. Nickl, S. Jorg, G. Passig, T. Bahls, A. Nothhelfer, F. Hacker, L. LeTien, A. AlbuSchaffer, R. Konietschke, M. Grebenstein, R. Warpup, R. Haslinger, M. Frommberger and G. Hirzinger

Volume: 35, Issue: 4, pp. 324-336

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Series elastic actuators for high fidelity force control

Jerry Pratt, Ben Krupp and Chris Morse

Volume: 29, Issue: 3, pp. 234-241

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The joint‐limits and singularity avoidance in robotic welding

LiguoHuo and Luc Baron

Volume: 35, Issue: 5, pp. 456-464

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