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Three of Emerald's best known and highest ranked journals celebrate significant anniversaries in 2015, representing 100 years of combined research in the Operations, Logistics & Quality field.

To celebrate, we've assembled some of the leading research from each of the titles for your perusal.


Supply Chain Management: 20th anniversary

Impact Factor: 3.500

The impact of supply chain risk on supply chain integration and company performance: A global investigation

– Li Zhao, Baofeng Huo, Linyan Sun, Xiande Zhao

Supply and demand chain management: The effect of adding services to product offerings

– Oscar F. Bustinza, Glenn C. Parry, Ferran Vendrell-Herrero

E-procurement and supply chain performance

– Hsin Hsin Chang, Yao-Chuan Tsai, Che-Hao Hsu

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management: 45th anniversary

Impact Factor: 1.802

Exploring the integration of sustainability and supply chain management: Current state and opportunities for future inquiry

– Marc Winter, A. Michael Knemeyer

Creating sustainable fresh food supply chains through waste reduction

– Riikka Kaipia, Iskra Dukovska-Popovska, Lauri Loikkanen

The influence of relational competencies on supply chain resilience: A relational view

– Andreas Wieland, Carl Marcus Wallenburg


International Journal of Operations & Production Management: 35th anniversary

Impact Factor: 1.736, ABS Ranked 4 Journal

Investigating the impact of e-business applications on supply chain collaboration in the German automotive industry

– Frank Wiengarten, Paul Humphreys, Alan McKittrick, Brian Fynes

Total quality beyond North America: A comparative analysis of the performance of European Excellence Award winners

– Louise Boulter, Tony Bendell, Jens Dahlgaard

Company-specific production systems and competitive advantage: A resource-based view on the Volvo production system

– Torbjorn H. Netland, Arild Aspelund



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